Rubis Firenos

The Winter Fox O    Ka-Fée   © Rubis Firenos

The Winter Fox O Ka-Fée
© Rubis Firenos

Marine Dragon The Fishes’ King  O  Ka-Fée     © Rubis Firenos

Marine Dragon The Fishes’ King O Ka-Fée
© Rubis Firenos

I’ve always appreciated the illustrative work of Rubis Firenos (her chosen pseudonym), she was the artist who inspired me to use coffee in my own watercolour paintings.

The O Ka-Fée is a secret blend of coffee which is the artists signature medium. This coffee blend allows her to create unique textures on the hot pressed watercolour paper.

The combination of a simple drawing style and striking watercolour and ink work results in wonderfully atmospheric pieces which I’ve always been taken by.

The Fall O     Ka-Fée    © Rubis Firenos

The Fall O Ka-Fée
© Rubis Firenos