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Hi, I’m Laura!

I’m an aspiring artist based in the South East coast of England. I am a joyful vegan and I love cuddling with my adopted pupper Nemo as you can see! I am an art school drop out who is learning to use watercolour completely under self direction.

You’ll see good stuff, you’ll also see really bad stuff, but that’s okay! I want to be honest about my progress and share my journey in the hopes others will heed their own creative callings.

My artistic work is a direct result of loving animals — how could you not? Before I began on my creative journey, I worked with and studied animals. During that time I felt increasingly helpless to the breadth of animal suffering around me, be it insect torture at university (and yes, insects do feel pain) to owl neglect at sanctuaries. For a while my art reflected animal welfare issues and its horrors before I learnt that there was enough ugliness in the world, without my additions! So my art now consists of bright colours and detailings which sing out to celebrate these often overlooked earthlings.

If you like any of the work, it’s all for sale and reasonably priced. I believe art needs a good home where it will be loved and appreciated, not stored away to never see the light of day in my increasingly cramped studio. So please feel free to contact me if you’d like to purchase work or if you’d like to commission something special or if you’d just like to say “Hi”.

Questions, comments?

You can contact me via the form or at