Pastel Pigeons


I haven’t played with pastels much, I usually only use them to dust over insect paintings and never really took them seriously.

But I recently brought them out after feeling in a bit of a rut and discovered I really enjoy them! I particularly like the sculptural aspect of them, scoring the paper erratically but also knowing you can remove the colour instantly with a dry paintbrush or rubber. I really love pigeons, they are my favourite animal, so I thought they could spur me onto make something interesting.

Tiny Watercolours


These are tiny little watercolours I’ve done on bits of otherwise unusable watercolour paper. So glad I kept the odds and sods about to paint on, the big head problem is especially noticeable when working on such a small scale which gives me a laugh.

Charcoal Squirrel


Another squirrel with a slight charcoal twist, I liked the fuzziness, especially on the snowy textured watercolour paper which I only use when I’m feeling a bit fancy. I especially love the eyes again, I do spend a lot of time on eyes. The eyes of a painting alone can easily take me 3 hours, probably isn’t all that necessary but I feel like it needs to look right as it is the heart of every painting I do. This squirrel is now available my shop.

Watercolour Beavers


I’ve been working on a project which requires, a large amount of beavers! These are all watercolour and brusho with my usual mix of mediums. My favourite is clearly the first one, but I painted several not knowing which one will be chosen.

The Indian ink style was the one which got selected, and I will post later to not ruin the surprise of how it will look in full watercolour and animated for an exciting Rewilding Project by Ecologist Rob Lewis.

Tiny Tanuki Statue & Wildlife Inks


I wanted to make tiny simple paintings I can do of an evening as I have a few creative things I am juggling at the moment, this one is around 13 × 8cm, in just watercolour and ink.

This is a painting inspired by traditional tanuki statues from Japan, along with some animal friends who are also very small, I will also paint these and post.

Sparrowish Paintings


My wrist is feeling better, so I tinkered about in my tiny watercolour pad and made a couple of sparrow inspired paintings, since the birds are always messing about in the garden squabbling and being clowns. I finally found a use for that useless, bin-able watercolour ground which was marketed as the end to all watercolour mistakes. Its gritty texture I used to add fluff to the face of these bird paintings, bit of an experiment, I still think it’s a rubbish product.