Hummingbird Moth


In the summer I was admiring the out of control buddleia population in my garden, and wow, I couldn’t believe we had a hummingbird moth visit! They are so fast and stay perfectly still whilst feeding as their little wings whir like crazy, zipping all over the garden.

I used some tissue in the buddleias to give them a little more texture, and went a bit mental with the Brusho, but with the heavier stock 140lb watercolour paper but I think it looks great. I’m so happy with the painting that I’ve made him available buy in my shop.

Forgive me for my lapse in posting, I have a more personal project coming up which I can’t wait to announce to you all in a couple of short weeks.

Deer Illustrations


Here are some quick deer illustrations in which tissue features heavily, it’s the usual tissue (Crêpe) paper adhered with Bindex to the watercolour paper which can create these muted, softer tones. I really enjoy using tissue paper, you can achieve some really interesting results depending various factors like wetness, size and how folded or flat the tissue is.


Mystery Toad


I have a notorious section in my studio named the ‘crap pile’, which is where not worthy paintings go straight to the local recycling facilities. Occasionally my mum will visit and save pieces from such a fate. This was one of them.

When you’re so close and spend so much time drawing, transferring, redrawing, inking and then watercolouring you can get so frustrated with the outcome - you just can’t look at it anymore and it has a stay in the famous pile, maybe indefinitely …

This toad made it out of there, I cleaned him up, unbuckled him as the paper was extremely buckled from all the water I threw at him, (I’ll share this technique in future posts) and he now sits flat and beautiful in my shop ready for his new home!

He was made from watercolour and ink with some white pigment, he’s so old I didn’t even get to sprinkle some Brusho on him, a rarity these days!


Meerkats and ‘Semple’ Lions


I was commissioned a very small meerkat painting, and I painted a meerkat in the same pose on different papers, they both look quite different which is interesting. I also picked up Stuart Semples watercolour pan set - and WOW! They really are the colouriest colours!


I was so used to fighting with the dusty pans of Winsor and Newton and resigned myself to using them but Stuart Semple’s watercolour set is almost jell like, really easy to work with and gives such juicy, vibrant colours. I painted these simple but bombastic lions in them. I love Semple’s ethics around selling art materials, his colours are so affordable, he aims to fight against art elitism, how could I not support that with my purchase?

Not sponsored – I just love them!

Relief Inks On Yupo


I’ve longed and pined for a print press, I thought it was the only way I could make lovely work like my ‘Dutchess’ series prints again, wonderful horsies that seem to come so naturally even though it was my first ever experience of printmaking.

I wanted this feeling back so after much experimenting with oils and other inks on Yupo paper, I have a technique which mimics the look of those prints.

I used Indian inks and permanent pen to act as the ‘burr’ of my lovely doggo Nemo, drawn straight onto the yupo, I then slathered on relief inks and removed ink using rags and white spirit and dried the whole thing using a hair dryer.

It’s not the same thing I know, but I thought it was interesting to try out, I used white gouache to lighten a few areas, and I probably won’t do that again when I try this in future.

The Swift and the Fox


I’m really pleased with how my swift came out, the drawing was so simple and I worried I wouldn’t be able to make it look interesting, but with the help of Brusho I much prefer the swift to my fox image. I think because the image of the fox was so much larger (320mm × 410mm), it makes you a little more cautious, which restricts how mad you want to go with the paint. The fox was also made with Brusho and watercolour on 100lb paper.