Hua Tunan - 画图男


 The leopard crossing the river (纸本水墨 •过江豹)
© Hua Tunan (画图男)

Breaking the Stone   (墨破苍鹰。)  © Hua Tunan (画图男)

Breaking the Stone (墨破苍鹰。)
© Hua Tunan (画图男)

The vibrant work of Hua Tunan, it’s pretty cool. He uses marker pens and ink to create his imagery.

I especially admire his bird illustrations, the drippy splatters of the ink really appeal to me.

He manages to apply the ink by using a piece of paper to shield the rest of the image away the source of the ink spray which allows for precision.

I practised this technique for the tail in my squirrel coffee painting, and it works quite nicely. Looking at work like this makes me wonder why I’m so reserved with my ink, maybe I won’t be in my next painting!