Salmon Splashes


I have been playing with the earth elements through watercolour, gouache and ink, I tried to evoke the fluidity and energy of water and I chose to practice with the one of the most vibrant fish in the world, the sockeye salmon!

Watercolour and ink is great for depicting salmon, they are so brightly coloured and beautiful. I wetted a paintbrush and flicked the white gouache on the wet paint to try and create the splashes. I also had a go at sketching out a salmon in ball point pen which helped me map out the contrast on the lovely fishy face.

Bring on the heavy artillery, I’m sick of salmon! 

With the crocodile I relied more on pastels heavily to give me the illusion of water, but I think the gouache is much more effective. I included coffee in all of the paintings to add that touch more texture, it muddies the colour somewhat, but it smells good!