Relief Inks On Yupo


I’ve longed and pined for a print press, I thought it was the only way I could make lovely work like my ‘Dutchess’ series prints again, wonderful horsies that seem to come so naturally even though it was my first ever experience of printmaking.

I wanted this feeling back so after much experimenting with oils and other inks on Yupo paper, I have a technique which mimics the look of those prints.

I used Indian inks and permanent pen to act as the ‘burr’ of my lovely doggo Nemo, drawn straight onto the yupo, I then slathered on relief inks and removed ink using rags and white spirit and dried the whole thing using a hair dryer.

It’s not the same thing I know, but I thought it was interesting to try out, I used white gouache to lighten a few areas, and I probably won’t do that again when I try this in future.