Found Drawings of 2010

2010, 4B pencil drawing of a stag

I discovered some old drawings and was quite taken back on how crude they were! I revisited the subject matter of each drawing and I thought I’d turn my hand to them once again and do some compare and contrasting.

The 2010 drawings I prepared for an interview portfolio at my first art college at the age of 19. I’m so grateful they decided to take me under their wing, especially with how bad these drawings are, even more embarrassingly, these took about two hours to finish each one.

These 2010 drawings are a nice reminder of how far I’ve come as a budding artist, imagine what I could do in the next four years!

2010, 4B pencil drawing of a  horse

2014, 4B pencil drawing of a stag, just over an hour to finish

2014, 4B pencil drawing of a foal, under two hours to finish