More British Beasties with Sketches

I have worked hard this week to really make some art I can stand back from and feel that I didn't waste paper. It’s a good feeling! I’m making a portfolio of work at the moment to submit to an online magazine, the theme being dark fauna and flora.

And my favourite image has to be this little fawn, I added the ink trails to add an element of darkness, and I do think the black ink adds a bit of a creepiness to an otherwise innocent creature.

By making sketches beforehand — something I considered time wasting before — I can really develop the final image. I guess practising the form in a sketchbook really helps give me the confidence to push those watercolours to their limit! I feel I’m really getting a hold on my technique and I have been considering maybe a fancy Illustrator or Photoshop package to enhance my hand illustrations further, a pipe dream for the moment, maybe in the future…