Barn Owl 2017

This A3 owl was created on Vidalon Canson watercolour paper which has sadly been discontinued - I’ve finally found a paper I love … then they cancel the line. Such is life!

I wasn’t too happy with the water buckling you can make out on the right hand side, I think it’s best to stick with glued pads if like me are too scared to tape the paper to a board and hope you can cut straight.

This barn owl was created with an old piece I sold a while back in mind. I wanted to recreate a flowery whimsical feel without directly painting flowers into the puddles of colour.

It looks like I’ve learned to stop the colour madness a bit earlier, though I was tempted to just keep applying more flecks and pools of watercolour I’m glad I stopped when I did. The colours I used were mainly Brusho pigment and watercolour, with white pen and Indian ink touches.