Beaver Sketch


Just a little sketch of a beaver for an upcoming collaborative project. Featuring my usual fineliner and ink combination, my final version I aim to be a little more characterful. Just thought this needed posting before it goes in the pile  I’m keeping the composition, but will make it less generic looking in the final drawing.

Cold vs Hot Press Mice


A couple of quick paintings experimenting between the two popular types of watercolour paper. The hot pressed version of my mouse is the one where I went white pen crazy - looks really ugly. The cold pressed mouse I had a little more interest in, I used Indian ink more which always does interesting things when watered down.

Brown and Barn Owls


On the way to a half way decent barn owl painting, I thought I’d show you the dud I made for a laugh of course, I know a few of my visitors enjoy that kind of thing. You’d think by now I’d be a watercolour whizz, not the case sadly. I do like the drawing of the brown owl though, shame I lost interest but it happens.

The barn owl I made was just thin layers of watery watercolour built up over days. It’s a real shame that the glue perished on my watercolour block, hence all that nasty paper buckling, which should not have happened! Looks like this guy is going to live under a very heavy box for a few months.

Red Jumping Spider


I’ve turned my hand to hot pressed watercolour paper for a change. I bought this tiny paper which I thought would be excellent to paint little insects on!

The cloud on his abdomen is so beautiful and I achieved that effect using my trusty Brusho pigments and a little bit of water manipulation. I especially love his eyes, which is always the feature I concentrate on the most with every painting I do — maybe the take away is if I spent as much time on every area, I’d have much better paintings.

Forgive the masking tape, but it was all I needed to ensure the paper didn’t buckle too much.

Kangaroo with Watercolour Tubes

My old drawing from 2013

I painted this guy in response to a drawing I was super proud of at the time, I even contacted the photographer who snapped the reference photo, to show them like some toddler and hmm … they never got back to me.

Oh dear, I guess they weren’t impressed, and I never drew another kangaroo, how laughably tragic. Anyway, this painting is okay, nothing special, but with a bit of a twist, I switched from pans to watercolour tubes and I love the rich colours! I didn’t overwork the eyes as I thought they were simple and beautiful.