Fuzzy Bats


Contrasting past and present bat paintings this week to gauge how my technique has changed. The biggest change I’ve made is that I no longer apply strong colours straight to the paper — which was a huge mistake, my past ‘technique’ was more reliant on luck rather than observation.

Mallard Duckling and Lynx Experiments


After losing a little bit of confidence painting big cats, I decided to retreat to smaller A5 cold pressed paper to paint this Mallard Duckling. I used to have a real problem with making animal drawings cute enough, but with time and practice I think this piece worked out.

My Lynx's on the other hand, did not work out. Discovering my strengths in painting is still really tough and I have a major problem with planning, I often sit wondering with a near finished piece — now what? And then overwork the piece to death. But the colours are nice, so I've decided to embarrass myself by displaying the results!

Charcoal Hare

This large hare was created using lots of smudgy charcoal, I started with a simple scribbly hare drawing in which I defined more with charcoal before outlining in Indian ink. I then added white pigment to highlight the hares face and a few details.

I dragged a rubber across the lower back of the hare to get those distinct white streaks to come through.

Wispy Wolf

This is my wispy wolf painted in mainly Brusho pigment and watercolour on cold pressed paper. This A3 piece took eight attempts to get right — the other pieces I created had huge colour layering mistakes because patience isn't something I possess. Hopefully the mounting cost of watercolour paper will smart enough for me to slow down!