Spring Hare Studies

It's April, so obligatory hares this week! I work in a giant supermarket, a hub of inspiration with all those scan-able rabbit novelty things this spring … So here we have it, graphite and pen continuous-line drawings of hares on sugar paper and card. Remember to click or tap on the hare-y face you want for the un-cropped version, enjoy!

Companion Bird Studies

Ditching the watercolour painting this week in favour of a more relaxed sugar paper session. Still continuing on with my continuous-line drawing I was able to produce a cockatiel, budgie and poicephalus parrot using black and white pen.

Peacock Studies

What annoys me about watercolour painting is that is loses my lines. I have really got stuck into the continuous-line drawing, when I finish the drawing on the watercolour paper thinking it would make a nice painting — it doesn’t. It masks the drawing underneath and it is so frustrating.

So I tried something a little simpler, using sugar paper, graphite and pen I was able to showcase my lines and reveal my peacock — and I'm happy with it!

Pied Kingfisher

A continuous line illustration inspired by a pied kingfisher photo by Thom Haslam. This illustration was made using watercolour, ink, gouache and white pen.

It has been a week of fretting, fretting that all those 10+ sheets of watercolour paper I used was for naught, struggling to make anything worthy to put up. I then came across Tara Leaver, and her post about why it is good to make ‘bad’ art,

Yes you may have made 17 drawings that are shit, and you may need to make 39 more until your hand learns how to better express your vision. Give up too soon and you’ll never know.

These are the words I needed to read, for me to keep persisting until I satisfy my own expectations of myself.

Ira Glass of This American Life