Huey the Shiba Inu

This is a portrait of Huey – a wonderful black and tan Shiba Inu that I had the pleasure of meeting whilst running my own little dog walking and sitting business.

I was inspired by court jesters and festival colours in this piece and used this inspiration to add lots of different colours into Huey’s otherwise black coat.

This was a commission piece and was created using watercolour, ink and white pigment and is A4 in size.

Fineliner and Watercolour Mouse

Another simple fineliner and watercolour fusion, this time pulling inspiration from a small brown mouse.

In this piece I have introduced more watercolour pigment amidst the greyish fineliner, which when water is introduced kicks up these clouds of murky colour.

I’m really enjoying the spontaneity of the fineliner pen. After the watery clouds dried overnight, I went in with Indian ink and white pigment to define certain areas like the head and whiskers trying not to over do it! This colourful mouse now inhabits my shop.