Crazed Foxykness

I was having a bit of a wild, reckless time with colour this week, not the best examples of restraint or consideration but interesting results nonetheless.

Lots of overworking is evident here, I’ve used water soluble pens in the faces of each fox as watercolour dulls when you add water and these pens stay pretty intense. I’ve also used straws and tried segmenting up the foxy faces and bodies which needs a lot more focus. 

Again, not the best work, lots of refining ahead!

Blue Bunny and Emu Inking

Here is a couple of things I got inking this week, my blue bunny and devious looking emu. The simple blue bunny was made with watercolour, inks and white pigment. The emu was brought to paper using a couple of neat calligraphy pens gifted to me, I shall paint him in due course!

A Few Hares

Many hares were used in my experimentations with inks and watercolour, but only three made it out.  Many of the hares weren’t interesting or were overworked messes but these few made the cut to my website, with each one trying something a little bit different. I tried to keep colour restriction and simplicity in mind but I only managed to restrain myself in one piece.

My favourite outcome was the more sombre primarily Indian ink and fineliner painting as it is less busy and more dramatic than my usual colour saturated pieces. I still couldn’t resist the touches of white pigment which help make features and individual hairs stand out!

Giraffe Casualties

Regarding my ‘Giraffe Inking’ post a few weeks ago, the last giraffe was the only one to make it through my blundering creative process unfortunately. I have mentioned before that making artwork is painful as so many good drawings are sacrificed for (hopefully) a ‘learning curve’ which can make for gruelling slow progress indeed.

But this is why I started so I could see the progress from start to finish, so musn’t feel bitter. This survivor  my pretty eyed giraffe painting was made with watercolour, fineliner, ink and white pen.

Grubby Toad

Since the birth of our surprise 'tadies' I've wanted to do something amphibiany. We moved to Birchington a while ago now and we were perplexed that the owner had let their 'pond' (basically a big black tray in the ground) get so filthy. We were about to clean it out when we discovered a mass of frog spawn veraciously guarded by mummy/daddy frog who kept a close eye on us as we peered in to check on the spawn every day.

Our tadpoles hatched, and we haven't seen mummy/daddy frog since. We'll get round to clean our 'pond' in late summer when our froglets  have long hopped away ready for our new 'tadies' in the spring! The grubby toad you see here was created with watercolour, inks and white pen.