Inky Rabbit Sketches

A couple of small sketches here created using Indian ink and fineliner pens. I really enjoy drawing animals in these mediums, but I feel when painting I lose a lot of the line work due to me applying to much heavy paint on the paper. I want to get the balance right so my line work can be fully appreciated and not lost forever.

Hummingbird drawings

Scruffy hummingbird drawings now, these little whizzing, jewel like beings are the focus of my next set of paintings. These drawings were created in Indian ink, graphite and fineliner. With the graphite drawings, I transfer them onto watercolour paper by flipping them face down onto my chosen paper and pressing really hard using pencils on the back   so I don’t have to redraw the original image onto expensive paper which could prove costly … 

Large Luminous Peacock


I never feel like I can do peacocks enough justice, they are trully incredible, which is why I have again painted yet another peacock. The hens aren't getting much love from me at the moment, I guess they are somewhat overshadowed  I'm sure to get to them soon.

I chose to lay bright inks down in the background, before propping my work up on an easel and using gravity and water to bleed the pigments into one another, creating these translucent streams of colour. 

This is the largest peacock I've painted, A3 in size, see my other peacocks from previous posts 

Lion Lines

I’ve been experimenting with further segmentation with white pen and ink in this piece, I feel using this technique could lead to some exciting places with enough exploration. I’ve also tipped the page forward to allow for the watercolour to pool and drip in certain areas, whilst using straws to stretch ink across the paper to suggest a mane.