Black German Shepherd

I was commissioned to create a piece of artwork to raise funds for German Shepherd rescue efforts, though this was a draft piece (as I’m a bit rusty) — I'm quite pleased with the results, the first time I've touched charcoal for five years!

This soppy black German Shepherd is made with fineliner scribbles, Indian ink, and a variety of charcoal pencils/willow sticks.

Cardinal Finch

This is the initial stages of a cardinal finch painting on cold pressed paper. I want to conserve the drawing so I'll try and keep the colours as dull and distracting as possible, using only the areas highlighted as focal points. The areas of colour are water soluble marker pens with a fine liner and ink base drawing.

Crow and Brusho

I've been looking at a few different bird species to draw and paint, and I've been disappointed that I haven't been hitting it on the head with good drawings lately. So I decided to dive in and paint a crow from a mediocre drawing to test out more brusho as I was feeling impatient.

This painting was created in watercolour, Indian ink and brusho. Brusho gives such vibrant colour with the smallest application, it's replacing my need for ink at the moment just because it's easier to remove from paper and more forgiving than inks, perfect for blundering Laura's.

White Rat and Rabbit Sketch

A simple rat painting this time, using Indian inks and a touch of watercolour for the eyes, ears, paws and tail.

This little rat is A5 and is saturated with spray starch so I can start experimenting a little more with the brusho pigment, as it has a variety of qualities I’d like to explore!

Accompanied with this rat is my rabbit who was drawn using a HB grade pencil.

Brusho Rat

I have found my new water-based plaything — Brusho!

Brusho is described as ‘crystal colour’ and it is a pigment which you can apply to your paper which when wet gives dramatic results.

This rat is painted mostly in brusho, I shook some of this pigment onto my cold pressed paper — flicked some water at the dry pigment and colour was born!