Large Luminous Peacock


I never feel like I can do peacocks enough justice, they are trully incredible, which is why I have again painted yet another peacock. The hens aren't getting much love from me at the moment, I guess they are somewhat overshadowed  I'm sure to get to them soon.

I chose to lay bright inks down in the background, before propping my work up on an easel and using gravity and water to bleed the pigments into one another, creating these translucent streams of colour. 

This is the largest peacock I've painted, A3 in size, see my other peacocks from previous posts 

Lion Lines

I’ve been experimenting with further segmentation with white pen and ink in this piece, I feel using this technique could lead to some exciting places with enough exploration. I’ve also tipped the page forward to allow for the watercolour to pool and drip in certain areas, whilst using straws to stretch ink across the paper to suggest a mane.

Crazed Foxykness

I was having a bit of a wild, reckless time with colour this week, not the best examples of restraint or consideration but interesting results nonetheless.

Lots of overworking is evident here, I’ve used water soluble pens in the faces of each fox as watercolour dulls when you add water and these pens stay pretty intense. I’ve also used straws and tried segmenting up the foxy faces and bodies which needs a lot more focus. 

Again, not the best work, lots of refining ahead!

Blue Bunny and Emu Inking

Here is a couple of things I got inking this week, my blue bunny and devious looking emu. The simple blue bunny was made with watercolour, inks and white pigment. The emu was brought to paper using a couple of neat calligraphy pens gifted to me, I shall paint him in due course!

A Few Hares

Many hares were used in my experimentations with inks and watercolour, but only three made it out.  Many of the hares weren’t interesting or were overworked messes but these few made the cut to my website, with each one trying something a little bit different. I tried to keep colour restriction and simplicity in mind but I only managed to restrain myself in one piece.

My favourite outcome was the more sombre primarily Indian ink and fineliner painting as it is less busy and more dramatic than my usual colour saturated pieces. I still couldn’t resist the touches of white pigment which help make features and individual hairs stand out!