Grubby Toad

Since the birth of our surprise 'tadies' I've wanted to do something amphibiany. We moved to Birchington a while ago now and we were perplexed that the owner had let their 'pond' (basically a big black tray in the ground) get so filthy. We were about to clean it out when we discovered a mass of frog spawn veraciously guarded by mummy/daddy frog who kept a close eye on us as we peered in to check on the spawn every day.

Our tadpoles hatched, and we haven't seen mummy/daddy frog since. We'll get round to clean our 'pond' in late summer when our froglets  have long hopped away ready for our new 'tadies' in the spring! The grubby toad you see here was created with watercolour, inks and white pen.

Coffee Camel

Here's a coffee camel I completely forgot to post back in 2014. This piece was made during a period when I was experimenting with coffee, the coffee is still sticky and shiny from months ago which is interesting. This is an A3 piece which I created using  watercolour, ink, white pigment and coffee granules.