Big Cat Contrast

Another compare and contrast from the past! I don’t have too many examples of artwork from the past unfortunately, but the pictures I do have are gold.

Embarrassingly again, the lynx I painted was created in 2012. I was 21 when I made work like this after my art education, you really can leave art school without any skills!

The puma I painted was using exactly the same materials as the lynx, except with a better understanding of watercolour practice —  although not amazing, it’s still very enlightening to see how progress can be made under self direction.


Going wild with the colour palette I’ve painted a green chunky rabbit and a fiery hare. I was aiming to focus on muted colours with a few bright eye catching highlights, but my patience got the better of me and I reached for the Brusho pigment too early, to the benefit of the hare but sadly to the detriment of the rabbit piece.

These A3 pair were created in watercolour, Indian ink, masking fluid, pen and Brusho. 



I wanted to create more of a greeny piece, and as I’m not too hot on felines I thought I’d practice painting a Jaguar. I’m not happy with the results (again!), but there are certain elements I like, the big eyes in particular.

I also wanted to create this jaguar in response to the jaguar attempt five years ago when I just started out with watercolour in 2012.

The novice jaguar was painted using the same brand and materials I use today. Though painful and embarrassing to post —  interesting to see how much improvement I’ve made since the start of my website. I hope other budding creatives reflect on this and take heart!

Grey Fox

I’m not happy with any of these grey fox paintings but again, they were colourful enough that they would make a nice addition to the site. Grey foxes are found in the Americas and are like our red foxes carnivorous and nocturnal, but unlike red foxes are agile tree climbers!

These foxes were painted on cold pressed watercolour paper and in Brusho, watercolour and ink.

Simple Squirrel

A simple Brusho, watercolour and ink painting just sneaking in before the first month of 2017 is over! This squirrel was part of a trio of squirrels I created for a commission. I’m quite happy with this one, I concentrated on my favourite colour to use  —  orange! Because grey squirrels feature orange so why not abuse it?

This little guy wasn’t chosen and another squirrel I painted was rehomed instead, this piece now is available in my shop to purchase!